Together and transdisciplinary

In all the projects, science, local authorities and municipalities, the business world and civil society work together on an equal footing. Research is linked to practical trials and momentum. This enables capacities in municipalities to be developed and immediate improvements to be made in pilot schemes.

Broad-scale sustainability

The research projects in the Sustainable Transformation of Urban Areas funding programme deliver transferable findings and activities. They promote sustainability-related urban research and provide towns and cities with a toolbox for more sustainable development. The involvement of the general public is intended to make sustainability an issue for urban society as a whole.

Creating spaces for possibilities

The projects in the City of the Future flagship initiative widen opportunities in sustainable development, for example by developing innovative solutions for passenger and commercial transport or making proposals for the efficient management of the demand for water and energy.

Learning from living labs

Implementation pathways and opportunities for overcoming barriers to implementation are identified: e.g. the projects carry out experiments in living labs and work on the drivers and constraints of sustainable and resilient development by undertaking a comparison of cities. 

Overview of funding programmes:​