SynVer*Z arranges networking and information sharing between projects in the BMBF’s flagship initiative City of the Future and its Sustainable Transformation of Urban Areas funding programme. Networking and knowledge sharing provide the basis for synthesising the approaches being outlined in these projects.

SynVer*Z also promotes the exchange of information between individual BMBF funding programmes and seeks to establish contact with comparable research activities taking place in Europe and beyond.

At the interface between research and practice, SynVer*Z takes the innovative results and strategies emerging from these projects out into municipalities. SynVer*Z is developing a systematic approach of its own to recording and categorising the intended real-world outcomes of the funded projects wherever possible, and ultimately the impacts of the BMBF’s research initiatives. The focus here is on their impact on society and municipalities.

SynVer*Z works closely with research associations, the networking projects of individual funding programmes, the office of the City of the Future Innovation Platform, project management agency DLR and Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).