30. Mai 2019, 11:15 - 13:00 Uhr
Ort: Lissabon
Veranstalter: DLR Projektträger

Climate change adaptation research produces a large amount of data and in recent years has increasingly tried to make such data available to practitioners via specific user interfaces.

Municipalities, especially in the context of planning processes, have specific needs for data e.g. for deliberation processes. In transdisciplinary projects, the (municipal) users are brought together with (data-generating) researchers. So far, there is little understanding on how such data and tools actually advance urban adaptation to climate change and what factors influence it. The workshop is therefore intended to enable the exchange of experiences on this issue.

After a short introduction five speakers will present research results, experiences and strategies concerning the usability and use of climate change adaptation data. Subsequently, a discussion with all workshop participants takes place with the aim of learning from successes and failures. We want to identify key factors promoting / hindering the relevance of climate change information for municipalities.

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